Main objective:

To promote and provide integrated traditional and modern mental and primary health care for disadvantaged people in Cameroon.

Specific objectives:

  1. Bullet To promote access to mental and primary health care for disadvantaged people

  1. Bullet To holistically assist and care for people, with mental health and primary health care problems, and their families by the use of traditional and conventional medicine and different therapeutic interventions

  1. Bullet To assist and equip people with mental health problems and HIV&AIDS with skills and knowledge to facilitate their reinsertion and reintegration in society

  1. Bullet  To advocate for mental health and the prevention of HIV&AIDS

  1. Bullet  To support income generating activities for underprivileged people

  1. Bullet  To collaborate with national and international health training institutions

  1. Bullet  To build the capacity of the association’s staff



A society in which all persons - especially the underprivileged - are accepted and have access to basic health care, economic resources and social facilities enabling them to live a satisfying life.


To contribute to this vision we engage in domains such as the provision of mental and primary health care for the poor; empowerment of underprivileged persons, sensitisation of communities, promotion of sustainable agriculture and income generating activities. We establish this through health care services, professional and vocational training, research, public - private partnerships and international relations; as well as education of underprivileged schoolchildren.


¬Respect for fundamental human rights (access to health and education)

¬Assurance of equal opportunity for all persons irrespective of ethnicity, religion, age or gender

¬Professional integrity, transparency and accountability

¬Teamwork and collaboration

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