IGA’s - Income Generating Activities

The people in Babungo rely heavily on agriculture for income and sustenance, the women carry out the subsistence farming and the crops they grow in the rainy season have to last the family throughout the year, if they are lucky they may have extra to sell at the market. The men control the cash crops such as tomatoes and rice which bring income into a family. Families live in very basic conditions with no running water and for many no electricity.

The underprivileged groups such as recovered mental patients and PLWHA - People Living With HIV&AIDS experience difficulties to reintegrate into their various communities and sustain their livelihoods.

As part of their treatment in BIMEHC they have the opportunity to engage themselves in different projects. Besides the therapeutical effect of having a meaningful activity during the day, it is also a great way do discover new talents and skills.

BIMEHC’s facilities

  1. Bullet   Piggery

  1. Bullet    Poultry - from day old chicks to market fowls

  1. Bullet    Agriculture - farms with vegetables and staple crops

  1. Bullet    Tailoring - 2 year course

  1. Bullet    Adult literacy - enabling women to do basic registering and calculating their sales

  1. Bullet    Guesthouses - recovered patients ensuring tourists a pleasant and comfortable stay

  1. Bullet    Waka Waka solarlamps


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