Ecotourism in Cameroon

Cameroon is called mini-Africa...having a bit of everything. Black and white sandy beaches, tropical rainforest, savanna, highlands, national parks with wildlife etc. With wars and tension going on in surrounding countries, people refer to Cameroon as “the island of peace”.

Traveling in Cameroon is rewarding challenge. The hospitality of the Cameroonian people and their rich cultural heritage is absolutely worth a visit.

Kwa Kwa Guesthouses

In 2003, the house on the foot of the Forg Hai waterfall was built for BIMEHC’s first international volunteer.

Many visitors stayed at her house to enjoy Babungo and its beautiful and restful environment.

Friends from the Dutch Embassy in Cameroon were frequent visitors and they came up with the idea to set up the “Kwa Kwa Guesthouses”.

What started with one pleasant and comfortable house in the bush, is now a spacious area with five bungalows where one can enjoy the spectacular views, beautiful sunsets and....relax.

With he presence of solar energy panels (in combination with AES Sonel government energy and a stand-by generator), the famous Cameroonian power cuts are history for BIMEHC.

Two impressive water projects are providing clean and sufficient water. Even in the dry season there is no water shortage.

The facilities

Four bungalows - 5 persons max per bungalow - are available, each with:

  1. Bullet    2 bedrooms

  2. Bullet    kitchen

  3. Bullet    salon

  4. Bullet    bathroom

  5. Bullet    veranda

The kitchens in the bungalows are equipped with a gas stove and the basic utensils to cook for yourself. Cameroon grown coffee and tea is free of charge for our visitors.

One bungalow - 8 persons max - is available with:

  1. Bullet    4 bedrooms

  2. Bullet    bathroom

Our staff is well trained to make sure our visitors will have pleasant stay in the Kwa Kwa Guesthouse. Upon request they also provide meals. A treat of local dishes, fresh vegetables, fruits and locally-raised poultry and meats.

There is also a possibility to camp but one should bring their own gear, an outdoor toilet and bathroom is available.

A night under the stars and the moon enjoying a bonfire is the ultimate Babungo experience.

Contact for availability and prices and the photos.

Things to do and see

There are a lot of things to see and do in Cameroon (see links)

Nearby excursions from Kwa Kwa guesthouse are:

  1. Bullet    Babungo Museum and Palace (3km)

  2. Bullet    Ndawara Tea Estates (12 km)

  3. Bullet    Vulcanic lake Oku (18 km)

  4. Bullet    Oku palace (26 km)

  5. Bullet    Bamessing Pottery Factory (23 km)

  6. Bullet    Traditional medicine practiced at BIMEHC

  7. Bullet    Visit the neighboring Mbororo families

  8. Bullet    Host of other local hikes and attractions


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