Welcome to BIMEHC 

Babungo Integrated Mental Health Care

BIMEHC is situated in Babungo, a village in the North West Region of Cameroon with a population of approximately 20.000 people. It lies in a beautiful setting surrounded by the mountains on the ring road from Bamenda towards Kumbo.

The variety of activities carried out in BIMEHC serves the population of Cameroon in many ways. The combination of traditional and modern approach in professional community and clinical health care makes BIMEHC a unique centre in Cameroon.

BIMEHC has an impressive history that goes back to the early sixties when founder Tumenta Matthias Wambo started treating his first patients.

BIMEHC has developed itself immensely in the past decade, its major areas of intervention: 

  1. Bullet    Mental health care

  2. Bullet    Primary health care

  3. Bullet    Income generating activities

  4. Bullet    Herbal medicines

  5. Bullet    Education

  6. Bullet    Ecotourism

A peaceful and healthy environment bursting with cultural traditions....worth visiting!



Babungo  Integrated Mental Health Care                


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